Tips for choosing between thick or thin pavers

Choosing the thickness of paving stones for your surfacing in Falmouth, Cornwall

If you’re tackling a home project that involves the construction of a patio or pathway, you may face the challenge of choosing pavers that will best fit the design you’re envisioning. It could prove to be challenging if you’ve never dabbled in construction before. While you can always consult the contractor you’ve hired, it’s still […]

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A guide to pavers – Brick Vs Concrete

Paving services in Falmouth, Cornwall

Pavers are perfect for enhancing the look of decks, driveways, fountains, and pavements in your property. They come in a wide range of colours and materials, and they can be installed or removed easily. With the various uses and benefits they offer, they are truly essential to any home or building. If you are considering […]

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Why block paving is better than concrete

Block Paving Cornwall Driveway near Falmouth

Are you thinking of paving your driveway or patio? You might have heard of block paving. Block paving is increasingly becoming a popular choice today over concrete. Block paving is comprised of individual bricks or blocks that are laid down in a predetermined pattern. Here are the reasons that block paving is a good choice […]

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Four factors to consider when selecting the right paving contractor

Tarmac Driveways and footpath near Falmouth, Cornwall

Whatever your project might be, if there is a pavement job that’s needed to be done, it is highly recommended that you hire a paving contractor to take care of it. Nevertheless, with so many local paving contractors available in the market today, you must work with the right one that’ll get you the desired […]

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4 Benefits of Resin Bound Paving

Resin driveway in Falmouth, Cornwall

Whether you’re starting a new project or planning to renovate your driveway, know that there are plenty of hard-surfacing systems to choose from in the market. Concrete, block paving, and imprinted concrete are three of the go-to choices, but not many people know the unique benefits of going for resin-bound surfacing. What is Resin-Bound Surfacing? […]

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5 Key Considerations in Choosing an Asphalt Paving Company

asphalt paving in falmouth with a person walking on the tarmac surface

Pursuing either a commercial or home project for asphalt paving can be a daunting process. Yet, there’s not much to worry about because all you have to do is to leave it to the expert. The only aspect that you need to ensure is to find the right asphalt paving company that can do the […]

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